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We are proud to announce that Simplanova Tools 2.03 has been released!

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The new version 2.03 of Simplanova Tools is released. Please be aware that from version 2.00 Simplanova Tool pack incorporates: Report Designer, Report Converter and Dataport Converter. Since the format has changed, we need you to login to, using


Username: ReportDesigner


No Password


and download the latest version (v2.03). If you already have Simplanova Tools deployed, please follow the instructions in the installation manual. If You have any questions – do not hesitate to ask


All changes to the platform are listed below. Enjoy!


Simplanova Tools 2.03:

  • Added ability to not generate SRD reports when converting Classic reports;
  • Changed Reports and DataPorts processing logic with Simplanova web services. Now we process objects one by one, it prevents possible timeout issues when converting large amount of objects.
Report Designer:
  • Added “206 Sales – Invoice” report template with id 83101. This report template has been created on “NAV2017 W1 Sales Invoice” base report and can be found in the release package.
  • Added conversion of RepeatOnNewPage without KeepWithGroup property;
  • [support #509] Added Visible, Enabled, Editable, HideValue properties to Request Page.
Classic Report Converter:
  • [support #538] Fixed missing code lines in Compression method;
  • [support #634] Fixed missing page header and static page number 1;
  • [support #642] Fixed wrong conversion of Blank Captions;
  • [support #653] Fixed wrong sequence conversion of OnValidate OnAfterValidate and OnPush triggers in RequestPage;
  • [support #662] Fixed conversion of visibility expression when GETFILTERS function is used;

Dataport Converter:

  • [support #566], [support #611], [support #613] Improved conversion of Dataport field triggers;
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Earlier Versions:

Simplanova Tools 2.02:

  • [#1323] Ability to only import a package of tables and to share them between different conversions;
  • [#1596] Fixed when in NAV, wrong SQL server instance is picked up;
  • [support #656] Converter now works with NAV 2017 (10.0.18976) build.
Report Designer:
  • [support #563] Fixed removing spaces when Font Names are from two words;
  • [support #579] Fixed missing Option Caption Property in Request Page;
  • [#1524] Fixed Globals putting incorrectly in SetData/GetData methods when they are used in expressions like Visibility on Report Header/Footer;
  • [#1600] Fixed Details exported function name;
  • [#1653] Fixed Decimal field format in footer when they are used with Last() function;
Classic Report Converter:
  • Improvements for converting NewPage;
  • Improvements for converting Total Calculation;
  • [#1535] Only the first one footer is placed if there are a few footer sections;
  • [support #626] Fixed missing “END” after report conversion;
  • [support #627] Fixed Controls with missing names;
  • [support #649] Fixed Error during converting: Index was outside the bounds of the array;
  • [#1641] Fix for converting missing parent controls;
  • [#1652] Fixed returning Converted objects if license points are depleted during conversion;
  • [support #651] Fixed transform report that has references to data virtual table;
  • [#1677] Fixed returning error message when license is empty;
  • [#1684] Fixed error when trying to convert reports with the same ID.

Simplanova Tools 2.01:


  • [#1418] Added “Show additional info” button which displays various diagnostic information for Simplanova Tools.
  • [#915, 1441] Fixed an issue with not finding finsql.exe when CustomSettings.config is not located in the APPLICATIONPATH. This setting is now hidden from tool setup.
  • [#1462] Added universal license type which can be used for any object conversion.

 Report Designer

  • [support #575] Added new interface options for setting BlankZero value.
  • [support #576] Added new interface option for picture stretching.
  • [support #588] Prevented a possibility of conflicting group names.
  • [support #589] SRD function’s return parameter name is now set correctly in built report.
  • [support #595] Fixed an issue with picture visibility in report footer.
  • [support #597, #601] Fixed an issue with SourceExpr „Wrong Expression“ appearances in Dataset.
  • [#1353] A single dataset item in visibility expression is now recognized with or without curly brackets { }.
  • [#1405] Report footer is now displayed in cases when there is no report header.
  • [#1246] Header/Footer section with CurrReport.PAGENO is left in body when last header/footer section has PrintOnEveryPage = NO.
  • [#1503] Fixed an issue with field names having parenthesis ().

Classic Report Converter

  • [support #587] Fixed an issue variable names in total calculation.
  • [#1324] Added status column to classic converter lists. Helps to identify current object state (uploaded => converted => compiled).
  • [#1004] Automatic picture compression has been enabled for converted reports.
  • [#1322, 1477] Fixed various problems with non-ascii character display.
  • [#1400] Fixed an issue with CurrReport.NEWPAGEPERRECORD not working in certain cases.
  • [#150] Added missing semicolons in report triggers which have additional code generated by the converter tool.
  • [#482] Prevented creation of duplicate data items in converted report dataset.
  • [#1403] Converter now displays a proper error if trying to convert with no reports selected.
  • [#1452] Fixed an issue with incorrectly converted “IF (CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT = TRUE)” statement.
  • [#1454] Prevented creation of duplicate names for picture rectangles.
  • [#1475] Prevented a possible problem when object table is locked by another user.
  • [#1484] Fixed an error when source report had CaptionClass element used.
  • [#1563] Fixed an error when AutoFormatType is not assigned a value.

 Classic Dataport Converter

  • [support #565] Dataitem relationships are now converted to XMLports.
  • [#1426] You can now convert several uploaded Dataports with the same id.
  • [#1439] Fixed an issue with missing quotation marks in variable names.
  • [#1502] Fixed an issue with caption formatting.

Simplanova Tools 2.00.:

New features:

  • [#1103] All layout properties are now available in Layout List subpage configuration.
  • [#918] You can now indent or add captions to any number of selected fields (previously was limited to 20).
  • [support #531] All Simplanova Report Designer tables are now set DataPerCompany=False.
  • [#1327] Improved searching of table names in data source. First, it tries to find the exact name of the data item and then looks for item relations.
  • [#1332] Property Indataset=True is set automatically on global variables, which are used on Request Page properties.


  • [#1339] Fixed an issue when PagePreak property always was set to “Between” regardless of user selection.
  • [support #571 and #574] Fixed various issues with border visibility.
  • [#1344] Pictures marked with “Compress” attribute now correctly appear on all report pages, not just the first one.
  • [#1352] Fixed an issue with layout item repositioning when importing/exporting designer files.
  • [support #572] Pictures in report header/footer are now correctly displayed.
  • [#1328] When dataset field name contains parenthesis (like in “Amount (LCY)”) lookup for that field now works correctly.
  • [#1329] Dataset Expression item Source filter now only shows global variables.
  • [#1334] Fixed a problem when error message “Another user has modified table record…” appears when unchecking dataset item “highlight” checkbox
  • [support #573] Whitespace allocation in report header is now fixed

We eagerly welcome your feedback about what you liked in the new version, issues you encountered and features you would like to see in the future releases.

Simplanova Report Designer 1.06.:

New features:

  • [#720] Upgraded report preview: selecting a layout element in report designer will automatically highlight it inside preview and vice versa
  • [#899] Added table relation properties to request page designer
  • [#779] When row element has “CanGrow” property set to true, then borders of the whole row will expand together with the cell
  • [#793] Added format expression support to textbox elements
  • [#718] Added new operation type “Previous” for textbox elements
  • Font sizes, paddings and borders can now be specified using decimal numbers


  • [#660] Fixed an issue with international date formats
  • [#501] Improved support for non-ascii report symbols
  • [#1101] Prevented a crash when building empty report without any layout

Simplanova Report Designer 1.05.:

  • NAV object version had been upgraded to 1.0.5
  • Removed CTRL+V shortcut assignment for VB code editor not to interfere with built in paste function


  • [#805] Fixed a critical issue with dataset item indentation
  • [#834] Fixed an issue with DetailsExported group creation
  • [#218] Report footer textboxes no longer change their position when new section is added
  • [#745] Fixed incorrect report footer total calculations reported in some cases
  • [#775] Prevented an error with sequence number overflow in designer interface
  • [#714] Fixed an issue with SRB_Compress() function usage in the report
  • [#776] Object List for AllObjCaptions now works correctly in NAV 2017
  • [#716] Fixed an issue with incorrectly set visibility for dummy sections
  • [#878] Textboxes with blank source no longer disappear in build report
  • [#897] Fixed occasional linking errors between dataset and layout items after converting from RDL
  • [#967] Fixed an issue with negative size measurements after converting from RDL

Simplanova Report Designer 1.04.:

  • NAV object version had been upgraded to 1.0.4
  • [#609] Textbox layout items now can display HTML markup
  • [#721] Added “Licence info” button to SRD setup page which displays amount of license usages left and recent usage history
  • [#659, #723] Users can add custom Visual Basic functions to reports
  • [#610, #719] Added checks not to overwrite other reports with same id/name when building report
  • [#713] ReqFilterFields value is now cleared when data source table changes

RDL Report Converter:

  • [#614] Picture dataset and layout items are now correctly converted
  • [#689] Section keep together property is now converted
  • [#764] Section page breaks are now converted
  • [#661] Improved section type and source detection when converting standard reports
  • [#454] GetData expressions in report header / footer are decoded to their original source


Simplanova Report Designer:

  • [#771] Solved a critical issue of NAV version number being incorrectly detected in some NAV localizations (Austria and some others)
  • [#791] Solved a critical issue with duplicate label / text constant ids when dynamic language is enabled (deployed with SRD hotfix 1.0.5)
  • [#805] Fixed an issue with dataset item indentation
  • [#712] Fixed a problem with section grouping by two values
  • [#744] Fixed an issue with duplicate item names when using Convert action for other SRD reports
  • [#778] Expressions with variables in curly brackets now work correctly in layout item source
  • [#650] Empty dummy sections are not added to tablix member hierarchy when report header / footer is empty
  • [#651] Removed unnecessary spaces in converted reports

Simplanova Report Designer 1.03.:

  • All Simplanova created variables, DatasetItems, Functions have a prefix “SRB_”
  • Renamed default Tablix name from “List“ to “Tablix”
  • Labels and Text Constants are now case-sensitive
  • RepeatOnNewPage group functionality updated and optimized
  • Added Import/Export function on Report List page to allow independent import (not to a particular report)
  • Keyboard shortcuts implemented for SRD:
    • Ctrl + * (asterisk) – SRD Report page – „Apply“ action is called
    • Ctrl + + (plus) – SRD Report page – „Add to Layout“ action is called
  • Validate report name, before building it
  • TransHeader/TransFooter functionality
  • Optimized and updated RepeatOnNewPage grouping functionality
  • Encoding Field, Parameter and ReportItem expressions using curly brackets
  • Removed PreviewMode property for NAV2013

RDL Report Converter:

  • All Simplanova created Variables, DatasetItems, Functions have a prefix “SRB_”;
  • If Section Height property equals 0 and section do not have any controls, such section is not converted into RDLC format;
  • Added RequestPage.UPDATE(FALSE) call at the end of all existing request page control triggers;
  • Renamed default Tablix name from “List“ to “Tablix”;
  • Labels and Text Constants are now case-sensitive;
  • Implemented BorderWidth property conversion;
  • Optimized and updated RepeatOnNewPage Grouping functionality


Simplanova Report Designer:

  • After importing SRD report page size reset fixed
  • When changing layout item source – preserve element sizes (in NAV)
  • Incorrect expression for Labels fixed
  • UseRequestPage property bug fixed
  • Fixed bug not able to build SRD reports
  • Report containing details group was not building
  • RepeatOnNewPage functionality bugs are fixed
  • Integer table grouping bugs fixed
  • Integer table DataItem name bugs fixed
  • ReportHeader Section height bug

RDL Report Converter:

  • Fixed duplicating textbox names in RDLC;
  • Fixed bug with missing Visible variables assignment and missing DoesGroupCauseTotals function call;

We eagerly welcome your feedback about what you liked in the new version, issues you encountered and features you would like to see in the future releases.

Simplanova Report Designer 1.02.:

  • UI has been simplified by hiding less frequently used fields
  • Better assisted initial setup
  • User can create details type of grouping by setting section type to “Body” and entering “*” value as group field
  • Format version upgraded to 1.02

RDL Report Converter:

  • TablixMember groups are now converted
  • TablixMember details group is now converted (marked by “*” group field in SRD)
  • Inner Tablixes and ColSpans are now supported for conversion
  • All RDL report properties converted to SRD
  • Dataset item tables and fields (columns) are now passed to converter from NAV
  • SRD dataset tables and fields are now correctly identified from passed NAV table structure
  • FIELDCAPTION expressions are now converted to dataset entries of FieldCaption type
  • Layout item operation type and scope are now converted
  • Layout item properties specified as expressions (for example Font Weight, Style, etc.) are now properly converted


Simplanova Report Designer:

  • Fixed bug “0000381: Wrong grouping and missing properties”
  • Caption attribute length increased to 1000 symbols in SRD format.
    Consequently format version upgraded to 1.02
  • RDL code generated by the designer is returned to NAV using UTF8 encoding
  • Fixed encoding issue, where report building would encode captions incorrectly, using the wrong codepage
  • Fixed issues with DetailsExported group creation
  • Fixed bug 0000382: Repeat On New Page is now working properly (automatically enables Keep Together property for this type of sections)

RDL Report Converter:

  • Section source and section type detection had been improved
  • Fixed problems with label conversion
  • Layout item width and height is now correctly assigned from corresponding tablix rows and columns

We eagerly welcome your feedback about what you liked in the new version, issues you encountered and features you would like to see in the future releases.

Simplanova Report Designer 1.01.

  • Productivity and usability improvements (e.g., new shortcuts, Add Caption flow, retaining element sizes when source is changed);
  • RDLC data grouping issues solved;
  • Aggregate functions improved;
  • Simplified expressions in Layout designer introduced (=Fields!Quantity.Value * Fields!Price.Value can now be changed to ={Quantity} * {Price}).

Simplanova Report Designer 1.00.

  • Request Page designer, including triggers and most common properties;
  • More properties implemented (Background Color, CanGrow, CanShrink, etc.);
  • Various bugs, reported by our valuable testers and early-bird adopters, have been fixed;
  • Productivity improvements (e.g., ability to add multiple fields in the dataset or layout);
  • Function to report issues and suggest improvements.

If you have additional questions regarding Simplanova Tools, please contact our Sales Team:


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