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We are proud to announce that Simplanova Report Designer 1.02 has been released!

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Before I start listing all great changes we have implemented, please notice that we are no longer calling our product Simplanova Report Wizard. From now on it is known as Simplanova Report Designer (SRD). We hope this will make our product’s main goal – efficient report designing and editing – a lot clearer. #SimplanovaReportDesigner


The new version is v1.02. Please be aware we are constantly improving our platform by releasing seamless updates on Simplanova’s servers and v1.02 is only one of rare major updates, which involves NAV, UI and format changes. Since the format has change, we need you to login to, using


Username: ReportDesigner

No Password


and download the latest version (v1.02). If you already have SRD deployed, all you have to do is import an updated FOB file into your database. If not, please follow the instructions in the user manual.


All changes to the platform are listed below. Enjoy!


Simplanova Report Designer:

  • UI has been simplified by hiding less frequently used fields
  • Better assisted initial setup
  • User can create details type of grouping by setting section type to “Body” and entering “*” value as group field
  • Format version upgraded to 1.02

RDL Report Converter:

  • TablixMember groups are now converted
  • TablixMember details group is now converted (marked by “*” group field in SRD)
  • Inner Tablixes and ColSpans are now supported for conversion
  • All RDL report properties converted to SRD
  • Dataset item tables and fields (columns) are now passed to converter from NAV
  • SRD dataset tables and fields are now correctly identified from passed NAV table structure
  • FIELDCAPTION expressions are now converted to dataset entries of FieldCaption type
  • Layout item operation type and scope are now converted
  • Layout item properties specified as expressions (for example Font Weight, Style, etc.) are now properly converted


Simplanova Report Designer:

  • Fixed bug “0000381: Wrong grouping and missing properties”
  • Caption attribute length increased to 1000 symbols in SRD format.
    Consequently format version upgraded to 1.02
  • RDL code generated by the designer is returned to NAV using UTF8 encoding
  • Fixed encoding issue, where report building would encode captions incorrectly, using the wrong codepage
  • Fixed issues with DetailsExported group creation
  • Fixed bug 0000382: Repeat On New Page is now working properly (automatically enables Keep Together property for this type of sections)

RDL Report Converter:

  • Section source and section type detection had been improved
  • Fixed problems with label conversion
  • Layout item width and height is now correctly assigned from corresponding tablix rows and columns

We eagerly welcome your feedback about what you liked in the new version, issues you encountered and features you would like to see in the future releases.

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Earlier Versions:

Simplanova Report Designer 1.01.

  • Productivity and usability improvements (e.g., new shortcuts, Add Caption flow, retaining element sizes when source is changed);
  • RDLC data grouping issues solved;
  • Aggregate functions improved;
  • Simplified expressions in Layout designer introduced (=Fields!Quantity.Value * Fields!Price.Value can now be changed to ={Quantity} * {Price}).

Simplanova Report Designer 1.00.

  • Request Page designer, including triggers and most common properties;
  • More properties implemented (Background Color, CanGrow, CanShrink, etc.);
  • Various bugs, reported by our valuable testers and early-bird adopters, have been fixed;
  • Productivity improvements (e.g., ability to add multiple fields in the dataset or layout);
  • Function to report issues and suggest improvements.

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