Do you miss development project deadlines from time to time?
Is it hard to keep up the quality of work during your development peaks?
Are you always able to stick to the budget?

These are common issues Microsoft Partners face. The Contingency Plan is Simplanova’s special plan for the unforeseen situation in Dynamics NAV development. It works as an insurance as Simplanova’s developers are on duty, prepared to help our Partners with support in the case of urgency and unexpected work overload. For the fixed fee Simplanova Partners get fixed project hours per month and a guarantee to get necessary and dedicated resources within 48 hours.

Simplanova reserves project managers’ and developers’ time for the Partners who choose Simplanova’s urgent development services. Our developers have experience of two sorts, extensive and intensive, in working with complex projects and rapid implementations. Thus we are prepared to complete the project on time and smoothly.


Why the Contingency Plan is beneficial for Simplanova Partners:

  • dedicated resources for Dynamics NAV development;
  • guaranteed ability to start projects urgently;
  • lower hourly rate, partly fixed cost;
  • no risk of overstaffing;
  • procedures in place to log and track support requests, as well as to identify potential areas for improvement;
  • accumulated balance for non-urgent development projects in the future.


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How Simplanova Contingency Plan works

  • When the Contingency Plan agreement is signed, Simplanova will work within a 48 hours notice either on a time & materials basis or by providing a fixed cost using a specification sent by Partner.
  • In the case of minor or unidentified issues which require urgent fixes we would skip evaluation and work on an hourly basis and send an invoice afterwards.
  • In other cases, Simplanova suggests providing an assessment for the project with a fixed price quote.
  • A monthly fixed fee is paid for Simplanova for reserving the resources which would always be available to react to Partner’s request within a 48 hours notice.
  • The fixed fee paid for the insurance accumulates and can be later used for planned development.
  • Simplanova would provide Partner with status reports on agreed frequency.
  • The first resource is provided within 48 hours and the second is provided within 72 hours.

This Plan lets you stay focused on the commitments to your customers in the case of accidental circumstances.


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If you are an end-user of Microsoft products interested in using Simplanova development services, please ask your Microsoft certified partner about our services or contact Simplanova to find out if your partner provides our services.